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Why Bill Gates Is Banking On Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Why Bill Gates Is Banking On Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Ken Silverstein of Forbes writes on why Bill Gates is banking on small modular reactors.

The C3 Take
  • Small modular reactors are the next generation of nuclear reactors and offer the same benefits of traditional reactors such as safety, reliability, and carbon-free energy production.
  • Bill Gates’ TerraPower recently will replace a Wyoming coal plant with small modular reactors by 2030.
  • Innovations such as small modular reactors will be important for reaching climate goals.

“And Bill Gates, at least, thinks that small modular reactors may be the most practical step forward while public-private initiatives are working to take the concept out of the lab and into the field. If the current tests come to fruition, the country’s bet will have paid off.”

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