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The Issues

issue 01

Understanding the Economic Impacts of Climate Change
the challenge

The climate change debate has been hijacked by political forces. It’s difficult to decipher what’s true in a polarized environment. Too often, we're driven into partisan camps by media bent on sensationalism. But, we share more common ground than most think.

Our Approach
It's time to promote an intellectually honest and evidence-based discussion about climate change and examine the human and economic costs of policy proposals.
Our Approach
We need to create an economic environment that lowers barriers and encourages research and development. When new technologies are developed, in areas such as nuclear energy, we need to lower political barriers to their deployment.

issue 02

Accelerating Energy Innovation
the challenge

New technologies don’t just appear. They often require years of hard work, experimentation, development, capital investment and entrepreneurs willing to take risks.

issue 03

Developing a More Resilient Infrastructure to Natural Disasters
the challenge

Natural disasters wreak havoc on the world each year. Too often, the costs of these disasters are amplified by wasteful and inefficient government programs.

Our Approach
Taxpayers should not be collectively punished when natural disasters occur. With smart planning, market solutions and innovative thinking, the impacts of natural disasters can be mitigated and their costs reduced.
Our Approach
We study and promote sustainable agricultural and forestry practices that can have positive impacts on our natural environment, encourage economic growth and create a more durable, flexible and resilient food supply.

issue 04

Agricultural Sustainability and Innovation
the challenge

By its nature, agriculture modifies our environment and can have unintended consequences. But it is essential for human survival and flourishing.

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