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Where others see waste, Waste Management’s new CSO sees opportunity

Where others see waste, Waste Management’s new CSO sees opportunity

CJ Clouse of GreenBiz interviews Waste Management’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Tara Hemmer.

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The C3 Take
  • Since 2018 Waste Management has invested over $700 million into recycling infrastructure.
  • Waste Management is planning to increase operational efficiency by investing in different artificial intelligence and technological improvements at its material recovery facilities.
  • Hemmer believes that as consumers demand sustainable products market forces will allow for companies to become more eco-friendly, which we are already beginning to see.
  • Markets, not mandates, are creating a more sustainable future.

“We are the largest environmental solutions provider in North America and have been for years, and we are at the intersection of every aspect of circularity that customers are dealing with. We manage vast amounts of materials on a daily basis, and we are trying to partner with our customers to find the best homes for those materials available today but also to innovate and think differently about homes for those materials in the future.”

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