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Can Paper Replace Plastic? A Packaging Giant Is Betting It Can

Can Paper Replace Plastic? A Packaging Giant Is Betting It Can

Ryan Dezember reports for The Wall Street Journal on one company that is looking to revolutionize packaging.

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The C3 Take
  • Graphic Packaging Holding Co. has invested $600 billion to turn recycled cardboard into paperboard to create more eco-friendly packaging which they say will improve supply chain sustainability in the United States.
  • The company has also announced that they will produce single-use cups that will have a water-based lining instead than a plastic one, an important step to developing a compostable cup.
  • With innovation and private sector leadership we are unlocking a more sustainable future.

“Graphic says green investing has opened up a market worth more than $6 billion a year for replacing plastic with paper on store shelves, even if that might result in consumers seeing slightly higher prices.”

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