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Ukraine, Europe, and Energy Dependence

Andrew Stuttaford of National Review writes on Europe’s energy dependence and its impact on Ukraine.

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The C3 Take
  • Germany and the rest of Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas is limiting the continent’s intervention in Ukraine.
  • Despite the developing situation, Germany is still moving forward with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
  • Europe has pursued an “everything but” energy strategy that has had governments picking energy winners and losers while historically demonizing domestically-sourced natural gas.
  • Europe’s vulnerability provides an important lesson to the United States. While we should look for serious ways to reduce emissions, we must do so while maintaining our energy security.

“It’s hardly a secret that, even if it has the political will (or inclination) to do so, Germany’s willingness to push back against a Russian incursion (‘minor‘ or otherwise) is severely constrained by its dependence on Russian gas (I included some statistics on this here), a dependence that, for various reasons, the opening of the Nord Steam 2 pipelines will (if it happens, and I think that it’s highly likely that it will) make even more dangerous than it already is.”

Read the full article here.

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