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The private sector is making progress for climate change

The private sector is making progress for climate change

R Street’s Devin Hartman and Philip Rossetti write on The Hill about the private sector’s progress on climate change.

The C3 Take
  • As we saw during the Trump administration, the free market and private sector are the best vehicles to lower emissions.
  • Companies such as Microsoft, GM, and Amazon have all voluntarily started campaigns to lower their carbon footprint.
  • If John Kerry and the Biden administration want to seriously tackle climate change, they should look to the power of the free market.

“One issue remains. Does the administration want to unleash the power of the private sector? Or does it want to change it by forcing companies with draconian regulation? If the administration cares about the climate, it has to think about the business community as a friend instead of a foe.”

Read the full article here.

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