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The Green New Deal 101

The Green New Deal 101

C3 Solutions writes about the impracticality of the Green New Deal.

The C3 Take
  • The Green New Deal is simply a progressive wishlist that calls for widespread government control over the economy and many of our industries. It would fall short of its promises to address climate change, while raising the cost of energy for most Americans.
  • Time-tested principles that promote competition and the free-enterprise system would produce overall better results for both the environment and the economy.
  • By trusting in the powers of the market and empowering innovators and entrepreneurs, we can continue to be the world leader in emission reductions while reducing government spending and building a stronger economy.
  • Ultimately, technology innovation is best suited to tackle an issue like climate change. The Green New Deal would do the opposite, by inhibiting innovation and making progress slower and more expensive for everyone. Smart climate policy supports and empowers innovators – it doesn’t stifle them.

“The Green New Deal (GND) is pitched as a plan to save the planet from climate change; in reality, however, it is a progressive wishlist that would greatly expand the federal government’s powers at the expense of everyday Americans, while doing little for the environment.”

Read the policy paper here.

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