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Nuclear Energy 101

Nuclear Energy 101

C3 Solutions writes on the importance of nuclear energy in reducing emissions and providing energy.

The C3 Take
  • Nuclear energy is essential to our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Nuclear energy is clean, safe, reliable, and important for our national security.
  • The current licensing process and regulations inhibit the development of advanced nuclear and current nuclear technologies.
  • Innovation and progress has been made to make nuclear energy more safe and reliable. Ultimately the United States must lower barriers and deploy more nuclear energy.

“Nuclear energy is the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the United States. Despite this, some environmental groups seek to stop any and all nuclear energy development by pushing misleading and alarming rhetoric, along with increasing government overregulation. As a result, by 2050, nuclear’s share of energy generation in the U.S. could decline from 20% to 11%.”

Read the policy paper here.

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