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The 2020 climate policy no one is talking about

The 2020 climate policy no one is talking about

Chris Barnard of ACC writes in The Washington Examiner about the Energy Act of 2020, a climate policy that no one is talking about.

The C3 Take
  • The Energy Act of 2020 provided key funding for several clean energy projects.
  • One such clean energy staple of the legislation was authorizing investments in R&D for advanced nuclear reactors and carbon capture technology.
  • Instead of looking to partisan spending bills, policymakers should work together to pass bipartisan, sensible legislation such as the Energy Act.

“Ultimately, the Energy Act of 2020, as a bipartisan, serious piece of climate legislation, should be inspiring to us in this moment of even greater polarization. It made historic investments in critical energy innovation areas, and RFF’s recent study is backing up the bipartisan hypothesis that American technology is crucial to tackling global climate change. While politicians quibble over reconciliation on Capitol Hill, America’s energy innovators are getting to work.”

Read the full article here.

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