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Texas LNG to Save the Day as Europe Struggles With Its Gas Supply

Texas LNG to Save the Day as Europe Struggles With Its Gas Supply

Ed Longanecker writes in RealClearEnergy on how Texas LNG can save the day in Europe.

The C3 Take
  • Europe’s main supplier of natural gas is Russia, whose gas is more environmentally damaging than American natural gas.
  • Fracking in the United States has helped us to reduce emissions at a faster rate than any other nation, while giving us energy independence.
  • The energy crunch in Europe has shown the importance of natural gas in powering today’s world. Rather than looking to Russia, the EU should turn to cleaner burning American natural gas.

“Europe’s struggle to access affordable, reliable, and clean energy is not a novelty. But this time, the EU has a clear choice to adequately meet its gas needs without compromising consumers or the climate. By choosing Russian or other high carbon intensive sources, Europe is missing a big opportunity in securing reliable and affordable gas supply. Why not let Texas LNG save the day?”

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