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Startups aim to curb climate change by pulling carbon dioxide from the ocean—not the air

Robert F. Service of Science Magazine writes about the startups that are pulling CO2 from the ocean.

The C3 Take
  • Captura is an LA-based startup that pulls CO2 out of seawater and uses it to make new materials or fuel, before returning the carbon-free water back to the ocean where it will capture more carbon dioxide in the future.
  • Captura is planning to open a 1000-ton-per-year facility in Norway this year that will bury this captured CO2 in rock formation in the North Sea.
  • Equatic is a different startup that employs a similar process as Captura to create solid carbonates that can be used make cement and other industrial products.

“One challenge for all these approaches is determining exactly how much CO2 the decarbonated water absorbs and at what rate, figures that are critical for selling carbon credits to companies looking to offset their emissions. To avoid that uncertainty, Equatic plans to pipe its CO2-stripped seawater to the top of a 13-meter-high cooling tower and drop it through the air, where it absorbs atmospheric CO2 in a way that can be precisely measured before it is returned to the ocean.”

Read the full article here.

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