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Solar Panel Waste: The Dark Side of Clean Energy

Solar Panel Waste: The Dark Side of Clean Energy

Connor Pendergast of Discover Magazine writes that there is a dark side to clean energy.

The C3 Take
  • There are many problems with the disposal practices of older-generation solar panels, and sufficient updates, as well as diversification, are needed to improve upon current industry practices.
  • The pure silicon used in the production of solar panels can leak nitrogen trifluoride and sulfur hexafluoride into the environment when not disposed of properly.
  • Solar panels, which are predominantly made in China, must innovate and become more environmentally safe.

“Regardless of their composition, solar energy is poised to be a significant part of our future as society transitions away from fossil fuels. As a result, we can expect increased production of solar panels in the coming decades, and potentially, large amounts of hazardous waste to boot. Although solar energy holds great promise as a renewable energy source, society also must stand to address and solve the waste problems it poses, or else harnessing light energy might leave us in a darker place than before.”

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