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Rubio Calls for Rare-Earth Industrial Policy

Rubio Calls for Rare-Earth Industrial Policy

Florida senator Marco Rubio calls for a rare-earth industrial policy on The Wall Street Journal.

The C3 Take
  • Establishing a rare earth mineral industry that is not dependent on China will protect our environment and national security.
  • Slashing burdensome regulations that impede rare earth mineral processing in America is one way in which we can set up a safe a reliable supply chain.
  • Senator Rubio, and lawmakers like him, are showing that environmental stewardship is a conservative principle.

“When we talk about an international ‘free market,’ we have to remember that the Chinese Communist Party is a player with ambitions to overtake America as the world’s strongest nation. Competing on such an unlevel playing field will require ingenuity in our policymaking to defend American firms and workers from manipulations of the market by China.”

Read the full letter here.

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