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Nuclear Shines Bright at COP26

Nuclear Shines Bright at COP26

Dan Byers writes in RealClearEnergy on how nuclear energy shined bright at COP26.

The C3 Take
  • This year at COP26 conservative groups and different activists promoted the need to expand nuclear energy generation to reach net-zero goals.
  • As we have seen with the energy crunch across the world, reliable baseload energy is needed to power modern day society.
  • As governments around the world look to reduce emissions, they should embrace an “all of the above” energy mix that includes nuclear energy.

“Add it all up, and the conclusion is clear: while the case for nuclear power has always been strong, growing political support from governments, businesses, and environmental interests alike is making it stronger. To reach our ambitious global climate objectives, we need every tool in the toolbox to reduce emissions, and including nuclear energy needs to be a priority. Of course, COP26 is just a brief moment in time, and momentum will need to be sustained.”

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