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KeepCup Reinvents Your Morning Coffee Routine

By Connor Cigrang

In a world driven by caffeinated beverages, a delicious cup of coffee is a dime a dozen.

A product which fuels the mornings of hard-working Americans and individuals across the globe, coffee has engrained its place in the morning routine of, well… just about everyone. Despite all the amazing qualities that make coffee a staple beverage worldwide, the methods through which we consume it fall short of contemporary society’s sustainability goals.

Unfortunately for the environment, coffee is almost always paired with the infamous disposable cup. While convenient and easy, disposable cups are wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. In fact, a study conducted by Starbucks revealed that each paper cup manufactured is responsible for 0.24 pounds of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, if an individual purchases a disposable cup every day, they in turn create 23 pounds of waste per year. Fortunately for coffee enthusiasts everywhere, an innovative product has been created that will aid even the most avid drinkers in protecting the Earth without sacrificing their beloved morning cup (or cups) of joe. 

KeepCup is an Australian based coffee cup company with stores across Europe and the U.S., dispersing products worldwide. They pride themselves on eco-friendly products and ethical manufacturing. Their products, both glass and stainless-steel coffee mugs, are created with both environmental protection and a pleasurable drinking experience in mind.

The design and inspiration for KeepCup originated when managing director Abigail Forsyth decided that the traditional “takeaway” coffee cup had become outdated. Her disapproval was well-warranted as the product did not even fit under the group heads of espresso machines, not to mention the damage they were doing to the environment. What started out as distaste blossomed into innovation and KeepCup was born.

Their mission is simple: “to encourage the use of reusable cups.” They aim to cultivate a new culture centered around sustainability rather than pure convenience.

Forsyth’s originality and entrepreneurial spirit has yielded significant pay-off’s as her product has become a hit all over the world. KeepCup has sales in 65 countries and has gained a significant market in the United States. According to Jamila Williams, sales and business development manager for KeepCup, their products have sold at an amazing rate of 1.1 million in the U.S. alone since entering the American market in 2013.

Despite their clear success and impact, KeepCup never ceases to improve their products. Continuously seeking to become the best, KeepCup routinely makes a deliberate effort to improve its already excellent approach to doing business. KeepCup regularly assesses the environmental footprint of their product against single and multi-use alternatives of their materials.

Identifying their product stewardship with the statement “Love many. Trust few. Paddle your own canoe” KeepCup has developed their own approach to the perfect cup of joe. What began as Abigail Forsyth’s dissatisfaction for a worldwide standard has developed into a global reevaluation of the ways in which we consume our coffee. KeepCup’s success shows that private-sector innovators, not government, continues to lead the way on environmental stewardship.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of C3.

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