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How fusion power will make the Green New Deal obsolete

How fusion power will make the Green New Deal obsolete

Mark Whittington writes in The Washington Examiner on how fusion power will make the Green New Deal obsolete.

The C3 Take
  • Commonwealth Fuel Systems and MIT have recently made a breakthrough in nuclear fusion magnet technology, a step that could lead us to limitless clean energy.
  • The Green New Deal is a deeply unserious proposal that ignores the clear climate and environmental benefits of nuclear energy.
  • The innovation of the private sector, not government mandates, is making positive strides in addressing climate change.

“Bernie Sanders, AOC, and the rest of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party will likely revolt against a private sector approach to climate change. Their entire identity has centered on big government. But, with certain exceptions (the Apollo program comes to mind), that approach only leads to frustration and waste.”

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