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We Are Now One Step Closer to Limitless Energy From Nuclear Fusion

We Are Now One Step Closer to Limitless Energy From Nuclear Fusion

Chris Young of Interesting Engineering writes that we are now one step closer to limitless energy from nuclear fusion.

The C3 Take
  • Nuclear fusion occurs when two atoms slam together to form a heavier nucleus, releasing vast amounts of energy in the process.
  • A Bill Gates- backed startup, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS), and MIT’s Plasma and Fusion Center have made a major breakthrough in nuclear fusion with their latest magnet, which could pave the way for limitless clean energy.
  • The magnet reached 20 tesla while only using 30 watts of energy which is incredibly impressive and efficient for this type of technology.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs, not bureaucrats, are creating the technology that is needed for a cleaner energy future.

“During the test, the magnet reached 20 tesla, a unit of measurement named after pioneering engineer Nikola Tesla, and used to denote the strength of a magnet. As a point of reference, a superconducting magnet in 2019 broke the previous world record by displaying a magnetic field intensity of 45.5 tesla. However, what sets the MIT and CFS magnet apart is the fact that it was able to reach 20 tesla while only consuming about 30 watts of energy. This performance is vastly superior to a magnet MIT had previously tested that used 200 million watts of energy.”

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