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Here’s All the Climate Science You Missed So Far This Year

Here’s All the Climate Science You Missed So Far This Year

Bloomberg Green’s Eric Roston reports on some of the important climate science stories that have happened this year.

The C3 Take
  • Scientists have found that a quarter of the CO2 that we release each year falls back into the ocean where it can be stored for years.
  • Earlier springtimes are leading to longer allergy seasons with current allergy seasons in North America being 20 days longer than they used to be.
  • In regard to climate change, we have made progress. Through technological advancements and agricultural innovation, we can find ways to lower emissions and lessen the effects of climate change.

“Somehow there’s still good news—the adoption of renewables and electric vehicles, oil-industry introspection, even sweeter peaches (drought stress raises sugar production). With sustained effort, we might see the most important measures of planetary health improve. Global CO₂ emissions from energy rose by 0.9% a year from 2010-18, less than a third of the annual growth in the previous decade.”

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