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Growing Crops Under Solar Panels? Now There’s a Bright Idea

Growing Crops Under Solar Panels? Now There’s a Bright Idea

Matt Simon of Wired writes on how farmers are growing crops under solar panels.

The C3 Take
  •  Property owners are beginning to be creative with how they utilize solar panels by growing crops underneath them.
  • In some instances plants are growing better under these panels because the shade cover leads to less water loss.
  • Soil evaporation from crops grown under the solar panels also helps the panels cool off, boosting the energy efficiency of the panels.
  • The innovation of property owners is providing a win-win-win for farmers, clean energy, and our planet.

“IN JACK’S SOLAR Garden in Boulder County, Colorado, owner Byron Kominek has covered 4 of his 24 acres with solar panels. The farm is growing a huge array of crops underneath them—carrots, kale, tomatoes, garlic, beets, radishes, lettuce, and more. It’s also been generating enough electricity to power 300 homes.”

Read the full article here.

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