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Company announces first-of-a-kind $3B renewable hydrogen project

David Iaconangelo of E&E News reports that Hy Stor has announced a first of its kind $3 billion renewable hydrogen project.

The C3 Take
  • The Mississippi Clean Hydrogen Hub, which is being led by Jackson-based Hy Stor Energy LP, will use newly constructed solar panels to generate electricity which will then be used to produce clean hydrogen fuel.
  • The clean hydrogen will then be stored in underground salt caverns, which have yet to be built, to then be used in fuel cells or to be blended with natural gas.
  • While it is unclear when the Clean Hydrogen Hub will be built, the Hub will serve as the largest clean hydrogen project in the United States according to some estimates.
  • The innovation and entrepreneurship of Hy Stor highlights the fact that the private sector is serious in finding clean energy solutions.

“Hy Stor wants to start producing hydrogen in 2025, several years before most analysts believe it will be cost-effective to make with renewable power. The company is targeting 220,000 kilograms of eventual daily production — orders of magnitude larger than what’s envisioned for the pilot projects that have proliferated across the U.S. in recent years. Stretched out over the course of a year, Hy Stor’s target production would be enough to fuel the equivalent of 25,000 Hyundai trucks, according to the company.”

Read the full article here.

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