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Global race intensifies for EV raw materials

Global race intensifies for EV raw materials

Ben Geman of Axios writes on the global EV race.

>>>Panasonic to make batteries for Tesla using recycled materials<<<

The C3 Take
  • Businesses and governments around the world are pushing to secure the rare earth minerals that are essential to powering EVs and other clean tech.
  • Tesla has just announced a partnership with Talon Metals that would have Talon supply Tesla with 75,000 metric tons of nickel from Talon’s mines in Minnesota.
  • France will raise €1 billion ($1.1 billion) to secure rare metals for its EV battery manufacturing industry.
  • As more businesses and governments announce net zero goals, establishing a reliable supply chain of rare earth minerals will be essential to keeping the energy transition affordable for consumers.

“A global transition to cleaner mobility and power sources is slated to bring soaring demand for materials like lithium, nickel, cobalt, rare earth minerals and more.”

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