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Filmmaker Oliver Stone slams environmental movement over ‘destructive’ actions on nuclear

Anmar Frangoul of CNBC reports on Oliver Stone’s comments about nuclear energy.

The C3 Take
  • Filmmaker Oliver Stone has called the environmental movement “destructive” in the way that it has fought against nuclear power.
  • Stone’s statements are right; the environmental movement has, and continues to, stall nuclear energy progress.
  • This has harmed our energy security and ability to reduce emissions as nuclear power is safe, reliable, and our largest producer of carbon free energy.
  • The United States can be a nuclear power leader by modernizing regulations, implementing permitting reform, and investing in next-generation technologies.

“’We had the solution [nuclear power] … and the environmental movement, to be honest, just derailed it. I think the environmental movement did a lot of good, a lot of good … [I’m] not knocking it, but in this one major matter, it was wrong. It was wrong.’”  

Read the full article here.

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