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‘Digital farming’ aims to cut emissions, toxic runoff

‘Digital farming’ aims to cut emissions, toxic runoff

John Fialka of E&E News writes on how innovations in agriculture are aiming to cut emissions and reduce toxic runoff.

The C3 Take
  • Synthetic microbes can help crops such as wheat and corn draw more nitrogen from the air, meaning that farmers can reduce their use of chemical fertilizer.
  • Members of the private sector including Bayer and MIT-startup Gingko Bioworks are looking for ways to incorporate innovation such as synthetic microbes into agricultural practices.
  • Farmers are our first environmentalists and care deeply for the land that they own. Adopting these innovative solutions into their farming practices could improve the health of their crops and the environment.

“The climate potential is significant. If farmers start to broadly use these microbes, supporters say, it could cut the planet’s greenhouse gases by 3 percent. As a bonus, synthetic microbes can reduce farmland water pollution, too.”

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