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Carbon Capture Is Key to Companies’ Net Zero Pledges

Carbon Capture Is Key to Companies’ Net Zero Pledges

Rochelle Toplensky writes on The Wall Street Journal that carbon capture is key to companies’ net zero pledges.

The C3 Take
  • Over the last few years, numerous companies including Exxon, BP, and Microsoft have announced net-zero emissions goals.
  • In order to reach these goals, companies will need to turn to carbon capture and sequestration technologies.
  • While carbon capture needs to be developed further, this technology is being advanced in U.S. National Laboratories and private sector firms. As we look to decarbonize, carbon capture will have a huge role to play.

“Some industries can shift quickly to renewable electricity, but others will require decades to clean up. As carbon prices rise and emissions regulations tighten, investors will need to pay ever closer attention to how companies get to their trumpeted net-zero commitments.”

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