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California power projections underscore difficulty of Biden climate targets

California power projections underscore difficulty of Biden climate targets

The Washington Examiner’s Abby Smith reports that California’s power projections underscore the difficulty of Biden’s climate targets.

The C3 Take
  • A new joint report from California’s three energy agencies state that in order to reach clean electricity by 2045, California will need to build 6 gigawatts of new renewable energy storage capacity each year.
  • The report also found that if California retired all of its fossil fuel plants by 2045, it would be $8 billion more expensive to meet clean energy targets.
  • This report provides a blueprint for federal energy policy moving forward: an energy plan that prioritizes certain sources over others increases costs to consumers while reducing reliability. An “all of the above” energy approach has been proven to reduce emissions while providing affordable and reliable electricity.

“California will have to deploy renewable power at record-breaking speed over the next few decades to meet its target for carbon-free electricity by 2045, a transformation that state agencies say in a new report this week is technically achievable but immensely challenging.”

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