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Capitalism—the People’s Choice

Despite the calls for an “end to capitalism” by many on the left, a vast majority of Americans still favor capitalism over socialism, writes The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board.

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Capitalism Benefits the Consumers and the Environment

A Gallup poll from October found that 60% of Americans had a positive view toward capitalism, while only 38% felt good about socialism. This is important for the health of our economy and the health of our planet. As we have found, countries that are economically free are more than twice as environmentally clean as countries that are not. Embracing capitalism benefits not only our economy but our environment as well.

“At the heart of capitalism is the idea that ordinary people profit most from their talents and effort when they are free to make their own contracts and economic arrangements. At the heart of socialism is the idea that government and its bureaucracies know better. Gallup is telling us that the American people are no fools.”

The C3 Take
  • Capitalism creates competition which incentivizes innovation and the creation of clean technologies.
  • No other economic system has brought more people out of poverty than the free enterprise system.
  • Moving forward, Americans and the world should embrace economic freedom and capitalism to benefit the health of the planet and its people alike.

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