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Wind developer joins $3B transmission project poised to be ‘backbone’ for Western power markets

Ethan Howland of UtilityDive reports that a wind developer has joined a $3 billion transmission project that will run from Wyoming to Nevada.

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The TransWest Express Power Project

The TransWest Express project has been under development since 2005 and will bring power from Wyoming to Nevada, where it will then be used to power California. While an important development, the TransWest project still faces different regulatory and infrastructure hurdles before it can be completed. As Howland writes:

“Despite its potential benefits, the TransWest project, under development for about 18 years, also shows how hard it is to build interstate power lines in the West.”

The C3 Take
  • If completed, the TransWest Express could provide the Southwest with affordable wind energy from Wyoming.
  • The project has been stalled for a number of reasons including regulations and labor unions in California who are opposing the use of out-of-state power generation.
  • The project has been under construction since 2005 and has highlighted the many difficulties of expanding power lines out West.

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