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Bitcoin Miners Eye Nuclear Power as Environmental Criticism Mounts

Bitcoin Miners Eye Nuclear Power as Environmental Criticism Mounts

Jennifer Hiller writes in The Wall Street Journal on how bitcoin miners are eying nuclear power as environmental criticism mounts.

The C3 Take
  • With Bitcoin mining being an energy intensive process, some miners are looking to power their operations with carbon-free nuclear energy.
  • Bitcoin mining company TeraWulf has recently entered into a partnership with Talen Energy Corporation, which has begun construction of a massive mining facility next to its nuclear power plant.
  • Cryptocurrency companies are highlighting how important nuclear energy is for powering a modern and clean society.

“Talen Energy Corp. has entered into a joint venture with bitcoin-mining company TeraWulf Inc., which has started land development for a mining facility the size of four football fields next to its Pennsylvania nuclear plant. Nuclear generator Energy Harbor Corp. will provide power to a Standard Power mining center in Ohio starting in December.”

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