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Biden’s Energy Price Shock

Biden’s Energy Price Shock

The Wall Street Journals Editorial Board writes on Biden’s energy price shock.

The C3 Take
  • The global economic recovery has shown that fossil fuels are still important for everyday life.
  • As we have seen in the case of Europe’s fuel shortages, an “everything but” approach to energy is harmful to families and economies.
  • Rather than replicating Europe’s hurtful energy policies, America should look to embrace an “all of the above” energy strategy that includes fossil fuels.
  • Doing so will boost our energy independence and environmental health by bringing cleaner burning natural gas and oil to the market.

“Europe’s climate follies have created fuel shortages and price spikes that are rippling through global energy markets. Demand for liquefied natural gas in Europe has soared due to waning wind production, the shutdown of coal and nuclear plants, and lower Russian gas deliveries. But there’s not enough LNG to supply Europe and the world.”

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