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Biden’s Foolish Sabotage of the Keystone Pipeline

Biden’s Foolish Sabotage of the Keystone Pipeline

National Review writes of President-elect Biden’s foolish sabotage of the Keystone Pipeline.

The C3 Take

The war on American natural gas is misguided and inherently anti-environmental. The fracking revolution has led to America being the number one emissions reducer in the world. Environmentalist’s attacks on the Keystone Pipeline hurt American jobs, families, and our environment.

“Fossil fuels, far from being the great villain of the climate story, have been the main source of greenhouse-gas reductions in the United States over the past several decades, as relatively clean-burning natural gas displaces relatively dirty coal in electricity generation. But that is not the kind of intelligent tradeoff that interests American environmentalists, who are moralists and romantics and committed to the notion that hydrocarbon fuels are, simply, evil — and that they must be fought on every front.”

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