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Your Favorite Crisis Doesn’t Justify a Dictatorship

J.D. Tuccille of Reason writes that authoritarianism won’t solve climate change.

The C3 Take
  • Environmental extremists have recently called on President Biden to enact the Defense Production Act in order to address climate change.
  • Authoritarianism hurts the environment, thwarts human flourishing, and leads to the government picking winners and losers.
  • Economic freedom driven by private sector innovation provides a better way to reduce emissions while increasing human prosperity.

“So, environmental advocates aren’t the only people impatient with debate and persuasion. But they are on the leading edge of the illiberal impulse at the same time that they embody the dangers inherent in trying to achieve policy goals through authoritarian means—because authoritarian regimes have a terrible record on environmental issues.”

Read the full article here.

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