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Windfall Bio Raises $28 Million to Scale Methane-Eating-Microbe Industrial Emissions Solution

Mark Segal of ESG Today reports that Windfall Bio has raised $28 million.

The C3 Take
  • Windfall Bio uses a process called methanotrophs which takes naturally-occurring soil methane eating microbes that capture methane from any source and mix them with nitrogen from the air to produce nutrients from plants.
  • This solution would allow industries like oil and gas and agriculture to reduce their greenhouse gas footprint, while providing farmers with the opportunity to increase crop yields.
  • The company’s new capital, which was led by a consotrium of investors that includes Amazon and Breakthrough Energy, will fund an expansion of pilot projects across methane-intensive industries.

“Founded in 2022, California-based Windfall Bio provides a nature-based solution to capture methane emissions and transform it into organic fertilizer. The company’s solution utilizes methanotrophs, naturally occurring soil methane eating microbes, or “mems,” that capture methane from any source, along with nitrogen from the air, to produce bioavailable nutrients for plants, enabling industries ranging from agriculture and oil and gas to waste management to reduce their emissions footprint, while providing farmers with the ability to improve profitability and reduce environmental impact.”

Read the full article here.

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