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Will California Ever Again Embrace Nuclear Energy?

Will California Ever Again Embrace Nuclear Energy?

Peter Clarke, on Medium, writes that California should once again embrace nuclear energy.

The C3 Take
  • Historically nuclear energy has been embraced by Californians.
  • Skeptics often cite safety as being a downside of nuclear energy, when in fact nuclear energy is very safe.
  • The last nuclear plant in California is planned to be decommissioned in 2025, which if successful would be detrimental to California’s energy prices and environment.

“Studies have shown that nuclear energy is one of the safest forms of energy. For example, a study that looked at deaths from energy production in European found that nuclear energy ‘results in more than 442 times fewer deaths than the dirtiest forms of coal; 330 times fewer than coal; 250 times less than oil; and 38 times fewer than gas.’ This data also shows nuclear being marginally safer than wind and solar.”

Read the full article here.

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