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Why Climate Change Hits Asia Hardest

Why Climate Change Hits Asia Hardest

Forbes James Conca highlights how climate change will affect Asia.

The C3 Take
  • A new report from McKinsey & Company states that Asia will be the region in the world most affected by climate change.
  • Asia has a large number of cities on coastlines which will be impacted by rising sea levels and increased temperatures.
  • There are several ways in which Asia can adapt to climate change including infrastructure investments and natural solutions.
  • Malaysia has introduced flood controls through increased river capacity, building highway tunnels, and channeling water to holding ponds.

“McKinsey & Company’s report outlines ways to approach this huge problem. They note that, fortunately, Asia is positioned well to address these challenges and capture the opportunities that come from effectively managing climate risks – if they decide to. Many countries in Asia are only now building out their infrastructure and urban areas. This provides the region with a chance to ensure that what goes up is more resilient and better able to withstand the heightened risks of climate change.”

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