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When the Government Makes Wildfires Worse

When the Government Makes Wildfires Worse

Tate Watkins of Reason highlights how failed government policies are making wildfires worse.

The C3 Take
  • Climate change is leading to extended wildfire seasons and drier summers.
  • Poor government policies such as fire suppression have created forests with more fuel on the ground which has made wildfires more damaging and intense.
  • Poorly incentivized building policies have led to people living in high burn areas, putting more people and property in harm’s way.

“The blank check for wildfire fighting from the federal government clearly distorts incentives for homeowners. In California, policies regarding insurance markets have compounded the issues. After bad fire seasons resulting in record insurance payouts in recent years, insurers began to raise rates or even get out of the market altogether. In response, the state has sought to freeze policies and rates in what was already the most stringently regulated insurance market in the country.”

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