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‘What’s Next’ for Siemens Energy?

‘What’s Next’ for Siemens Energy?

Aaron Larson writes in Power about what is next for Siemens Energy.

The C3 Take
  • Siemens is a global energy leader that is advancing innovations to traditional and renewable energy sources.
  • Siemens executives estimate that the company spends around $1.4 billion each year in R&D.
  • Siemens is investing heavily into hydrogen technology, with the goal of developing gas turbines to run 100% on clean hydrogen fuel.
  • Siemens is yet another example of the private sector leading the way in energy innovation.

“‘Half of the [Siemens Energy] portfolio is what we call decarbonized technologies,’ Tim Holt, a member of Siemens Energy’s Executive Board, pointed out. Yet, he said, that isn’t good enough—the company wants to contribute even more to the world’s decarbonization journey—so it’s investing in the development of new technology. ‘We are spending about €1.2 billion each year on R&D,’ he said.”

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