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Volvo’s new electric concept car is a ‘manifesto’ for the future

Volvo’s new electric concept car is a ‘manifesto’ for the future

Andrew J. Hawkings of The Verge writes about Volvo’s push to an all-electric future.

The C3 Take
  • Volvo has recently announced that it will produce and sell only electric vehicles by 2030.
  • Volvo’s latest concept car, dubbed the “Concept Recharge,” features suicide doors, a sleek exterior, and a minimalist interior design.
  • The Swedish car manufacturer plans to sell 600,000 Concept Recharges by the middle of the decade as it gears toward an all-electric future.

“Volvo is the latest automaker to lay out a grand vision for how it plans on tackling the twin challenges of electrification and autonomy. Previously, Tesla and Volkswagen have produced similar events. Volvo, which has nurtured a reputation for safety over the years, said it’s realizing that technology could be a bigger driver of sales in the future than anything related to airbags or crash resistance.”

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