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Using the Ocean’s Power to Fight Climate Change

Eric Niler writes in The Wall Street Journal on how the ocean can be used to fight climate change.

>>>Read more on Running Tide here<<<

The C3 Take
  • Scientists estimate that the ocean sequesters a quarter of global emissions annually.
  • Entrepreneurs are exploring new ways to increase the carbon capture potential of the world’s ocean, which could prove to be a tricky endeavor.
  • One such company is Running Tide, which is planting massive kelp forests on the seafloor to sequester CO2.
  • The private sector is unlocking solutions to address climate change.

“Mr. Odlin and Running Tide’s academic partners are figuring out where to best to place the buoys to take up the most CO2. They are also considering using different species of macroalgae depending on the location. Its pilot plant in Portland, Maine, is under construction.”

Read the full article here.

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