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Underground Hydrogen Could Supercharge Green Energy. First, Scientists Have to Find It.

Eric Niiler of The Wall Street Journal reports on the growing industry of underground hydrogen.

The C3 Take
  • Unlike traditional methods of hydrogen production that require electricity, underground hydrogen is produced through a natural chemical reaction between iron-rich minerals in the earth’s crust and water coming down to the surface.
  • Geologists and energy companies in Europe and the United States are racing to find underground hydrogen, which can be hard to access, using similar techniques as oil and gas drilling.
  • Hydrogen is being touted by many scientists and policymakers as an energy of the future because it can provide abundant power with zero carbon emissions.

“Similar to drilling for oil and natural gas, companies pursuing underground hydrogen would have to lease drilling sites from landowners and obtain mineral rights, which vary by state. Unlike oil or natural gas, hydrogen doesn’t pollute waterways or the environment with toxic chemicals. However it can be dangerous and is flammable.”

Read the full article here.

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