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To Protect Environment, Avoid Temptation of Low-Quality Rulemaking

To Protect Environment, Avoid Temptation of Low-Quality Rulemaking

Phillip Rossetti of R Street writes that in order to protect the environment, the Biden administration should avoid low quality rulemaking.

The C3 Take
  • So far into his term President Biden has reverted to executive orders and regulations to address climate change.
  • While easy, executive action does not produce positive environmental policy, bipartisan legislation in Congress does.
  • Conservatives in Congress have begun to offer up meaningful climate solutions. If the President wants to leave a lasting climate legacy he should listen to them.

“The lesson on environmentalism from the Obama and Trump years was that regulations are not a viable long-term climate strategy, but the new administration seems determined to test those waters anyway. The real question now will be how Biden’s future regulations unfold in the courts, and will they succeed where their predecessors did not in achieving any meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.”

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