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To Fight Climate Change, President Biden Needs to Retire NEPA

To Fight Climate Change, President Biden Needs to Retire NEPA

Oliver McPherson-Smith writes on RealClearEnergy that in order for President Biden to address climate change, he must first retire the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

The C3 Take
  • While well-intentioned, NEPA has become an outdated law that must be reformed.
  • Through an antiquated review process and an expansive litigation period, NEPA delays projects by years, driving up costs and slowing down projects that are environmentally beneficial.
  • If the Biden Administration is serious about fighting climate change, they must look to reform regulatory burdens such as NEPA.

“After 50 years in power, it’s clear that NEPA and its current regulatory process is outdated and needs to be retired. Ambitious decarbonization plans look good on paper, but without clearing the regulatory roadblocks that hinder renewable development, consumers will be left in the dark. Unless Joe Biden got a head-start on the EIS process while he was vice president, he’ll need to tackle NEPA now to oversee a renewable energy boom as president.”

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