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This Startup Figured Out How to Contain Nuclear Energy’s Biggest Costs-and Concerns

Peter Keating writes in Inc. Magazine about X-energy, a next-gen nuclear energy company.

The C3 Take
  • X-energy is a nuclear fuel and reactor company that is bringing next-gen innovation to the market.
  • The company’s nuclear fuel, called TRISO-X, is encapsulated in a graphite ceramic ball which virtually guarantees that a meltdown is impossible.
  • X-energy is also creating small modular reactors which can be easily scaled and deployed throughout the United States.
  • Private sector innovation and leadership is accelerating climate solutions.

“X-energy’s advances may sweep away those concerns–and costs. The company is commercializing next-gen nuclear. It makes fuel by wrapping specks of uranium in layers of carbon and ceram­ic, and then encasing those bits in graphite balls, which flow through its Xe-100 reactor like gumballs through a dispenser. When a neutron hits the uranium inside a fuel pebble, the shell keeps the neutron from moving too quickly, which makes for a safe chain reaction. The fuel ball never gets hot enough to melt, and it contains the fission products. All of the nuclear waste from X-energy reactions ends up encased in the graphite orbs.”

Read the full article here.

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