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These Are The Startups Applying AI To Tackle Climate Change

These Are The Startups Applying AI To Tackle Climate Change

Rob Toews of Forbes writes on the many startups that are using artificial intelligence (AI) to address climate change.

The C3 Take
  • Startups across the globe are finding different ways to use AI to address climate change.
  • One such startup is One Concern, which is using analytics to predict weather patterns for banks and businesses.
  • Other startups, such as NCX, are using computer modeling to improve the efficiency and accuracy of carbon markets.
  • Capitalism and free enterprise are creating pathways for the creation of innovative solutions to address climate change.

“Both climate change and artificial intelligence are sprawling, cross-disciplinary fields. Both will transform literally every sector of the economy in the years ahead. There is therefore no single ‘silver bullet’ application of AI to climate change. Instead, a wide range of machine learning use cases can help in the race to decarbonize our world.”

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