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The urban-rural climate divide should be bridged by nature

The urban-rural climate divide should be bridged by nature

Karly Matthews of ACC writes in The Hill that the urban-rural climate divide should be bridged by nature.

The C3 Take
  • People in rural areas care about climate change, they just don’t view big government initiatives as the best way to address the problem.
  • One solution to climate change that both urbanites and rural residents can agree on is natural climate solutions (NCS).
  • NCS such as tree planting, cover crops, and other conservation efforts are effective at sequestering CO2 and ecologically improve the areas in which they are enacted.
  • While energy innovation and other measures are certainly important to tackling climate change, nature-based solutions are especially important to bridging the rural-urban divide on climate.

“While we cannot stop at natural climate solutions and must continue building a consensus for clean energy and other solutions, the beauty of nature-based solutions is that they serve many purposes to many stakeholders and can be enacted right now.”

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