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The United States of California

The United States of California

Peter Grossman outlines on The Hill how a national energy policy based on California’s would affect our energy prices and emissions.

The C3 Take
  • California’s energy policies have led to the state having some of the highest costs of electricity in the nation, while providing unreliable energy to its citizens.
  • California’s energy policies disproportionately harm middle and low-income families via higher energy costs.
  • In order to truly reduce emissions and keep energy prices low, an “all of the above” approach to energy should be embraced on a national level.

“If the administration is taking a cue from California, look ahead to 2035 when all cars sold in America will have to be zero emissions, mainly electric. Sale of internal-combustion powered vehicles will be banned, even though they are likely to continue to be significantly cheaper than vehicles that are battery powered. That shouldn’t be a problem for well-to-do Americans but will be a burden for poor and middle-income families, especially those who depend on a vehicle to get to work.”

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