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The Top 9 Climate Hypocrites

9. Mark Ruffalo 

Credit: Reuters/Andrew Burton

The Avengers and Spotlight star has called climate change the “biggest story of our time,” but led the charge to shut down the Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York. The carbon-free electricity that the nuclear plant generated was lost, leading to an immediate 37% uptick in emissions in the Empire State

8. Ilhan Omar 

Credit: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Rep. Omar earns her spot on this list with her calls to phase out fossil fuels entirely and her sponsorship of the Green New Deal. Someone should tell the Congresswoman that ending fossil fuel investment here will only increase dirtier production overseas which will allow global emissions to soar. 

7. Elizabeth Warren

Credit: CNN

Sen. Warren has called climate change an existential threat, but introduced solutions that would have overwhelmingly negative impacts on the environment. In addition to being an original Green New Deal cosponsor, the senator has advocated for ending domestic fossil fuel use and imposing trade policies that would stifle global innovation. 

6. Prince Harry

Credit: Dominic Lipinski/Pool/Getty Images

The British royal has traveled around the world to lecture the public on the need to decarbonize. His favorite mode of transportation? Private jets

5. Bernie Sanders

Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

One of the more notable climate alarmists in Congress, Sen. Sanders has led the charge for passing the Green New Deal which mandates a renewable-only electricity grid and a complete phase-out of nuclear power. As the energy crunch in Europe has shown, government-mandated energy and climate policies negatively impact consumers and the environment alike. 

4. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Credit: Pete Marovich/The New York Times

Since joining Congress, AOC has been the face of the progressive climate movement, introducing the Green New Deal and saying in 2019 that the world will end in 12 years if climate change is not addressed. The only thing keeping her from number one on the list? Her open-mindedness to next-generation nuclear energy. 

3. Al Gore

Credit: Marion Anzuoni/Reuters

The first famous climate alarmist, Al Gore politicized the climate discussion with his book and documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Following the release and a career in politics, Gore has bought massive, energy-intensive mansions and employed private jet services to take him to climate conferences across the world.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio 

Credit: AP Images

One of the biggest hypocrites to crack the list is Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor has delivered speeches before the UN and even starred in films to bring attention to the issue, all while being one of the biggest consumers of gas guzzling private jets and carbon-emitting super yachts.

1. Greta Thunberg 

Credit: Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Coming in at number one is Greta Thunberg. After coming across the Atlantic in a zero-emissions boat to give a speech to the UN, it was discovered that her trip wasn’t as eco-friendly as she made it seem. Her boat crew had to be flown to New York from Europe leading to an increase in CO2 emissions. Additionally, her calls to ban all fossil fuel and nuclear power use would have rippling effects on the global economy and food supply, preventing human prosperity while doing little to reduce emissions.

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