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The secret to conserving our crown jewels? Maintenance

The secret to conserving our crown jewels? Maintenance

Hannah Downey of the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) highlights on The Hill how we can conserve our national parks.

The C3 Take

America’s national parks have recently received a boost in funding to address project backlog through the Great American Outdoors Act. However, in order to prevent further backlog in the future, there are several steps to take to make park maintenance more efficient. These steps include contracting out projects, discretionary spending, and prioritizing existing assets.

“The National Park Service could economize by following the lead of other agencies and contracting out more services and activities. More than 1,000 Forest Service campgrounds and recreation areas are operated by private concessionaires who perform routine maintenance, collect fees, and return a portion of their receipts to the agency. Such campgrounds are estimated to be 30 to 70 percent less expensive to operate than agency-run sites, and concessioners often pass their cost savings on to visitors through lower fees.”

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