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The Left’s environmental activism is counterproductive

The Left’s environmental activism is counterproductive

ACC’s Stephen Perkins writes in The Washington Examiner that the Left’s environmental activism is counterproductive.

The C3 Take
  • While climate change is an important issue that should be addressed, the Left’s environmental activism is counterproductive to improving the health of our planet.
  • Environmental activism on the Left has failed to generate meaningful climate solutions and has left younger generations feeling hopeless and scared for the future.
  • The best way to address climate change is not to promote scare tactics, but to embrace environmentally responsible solutions that are rooted in economic freedom and human prosperity.

“Our planet deserves an environmental movement that paints a positive picture of what our future could be and brings people into the fold rather than scaring them away. It deserves communities to be organized and empowered to improve their local environments. It deserves blue-collar and white-collar workers alike coming together around solutions we all can agree on.”

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