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The Green New Deal Can’t Break The Laws Of Physics

The Green New Deal Can’t Break The Laws Of Physics

The Manhattan Institute’s Mark P. Mills writes on the Daily Caller that the Green New Deal goes against the laws of physics.

The C3 Take
  • In order to achieve the energy goals of the Green New Deal mining for rare elements would have to increase dramatically.
  • Mining has been largely shut down in the United States (due in large part to pro-GND environmentalists), so these rare earth materials would likely come from child-labor mines.
  • Instead of subsidizing these ridiculous goals, let’s allow markets to continue to reduce emissions and produce clean energy.

“If all that weren’t enough, there’s also the roughly 20 to 100-fold increase in land use that comes with using green machines to replace hydrocarbons. And, of course, there’s the mother’s milk of a Green New Deal, the trillions of dollars in subsidies, necessarily funded by increased costs and taxes for all consumers. The latter is no longer in dispute; instead those costs now seem to be a feature not a bug in Green New Deal proposals.”

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