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Support Next-Generation Nuclear Power with Better Regulation

Support Next-Generation Nuclear Power with Better Regulation

ACC’s Chris Barnard on HumanProgress highlights the need to support the next generation of nuclear power with better regulation.

The C3 Take
  • The cumbersome regulatory process for nuclear reactors hinders carbon-free electricity from being generated.
  • Nuclear power is a very safe energy source especially as technology as advanced.
  • There is tremendous private sector investment into nuclear power, which government should empower by streamlining the regulatory process.

“Ultimately, innovation comes from the private sector and scientists, but can only thrive when unencumbered by government distortion. While it is of course sensible for politicians to ensure that next-generation nuclear reactors are safe, a more market-based, light-touch regulatory framework is necessary to avoid stifling innovation. A clear pathway that provides regulatory certainty for decades to come is crucial in ensuring that the United States takes its place as the world-leader on next-generation nuclear technologies.”

Read the full article here.

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